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We will first draw on the eyeliner by hand to get the shape, thickness, length, and color that you desire. A topical numbing cream will be applied, which will take approximately 20 minutes to take effect. The specialist will use medical-grade device to create the eyeliner (all items that touch the skin are single use and are discarded after the treatment). Then entire treatment will last about two hours.

There is no downtime, however the eyeliner will take about a week to heal. Please follow After-care instructions and return for the Perfecting Session (included in the price of the Eyeliner Perfection treatment) within two months. Between the initial treatment and the Perfecting Session, you may experience peeling of the eyeliner color and fading of the treatment area. This is natural and part of the treatment process.

Please remove lash extensions before the treatment.

Your eyeliner will last from three to five years.


Apply our specially-made after-care Serum to aid in the healing process and ensure best results. Use a q-tip to gently apply on the eyeliner. Do not pick at the eyeliner when the color starts to peel. To ensure that the color is not compromised, please avoid the following for the first week after treatment: swimming, sun exposure, sauna, excessive sweating, and eyeliner makeup. 


Please return within 4-6 weeks of the initial Eyeliner Perfection treatment for the complimentary Perfecting Session. Eyeliner Perfection is a two-step process and the Perfecting Session is necessary to set the shape and color. The Perfecting Session will build on the color that is already absorbed by the skin. The same process as the initial treatment will be followed.


Touch-ups can be done to refresh the eyeliner, darken color, or fill in any gaps. Note that Touch-ups are only available to clients who have done the Eyeliner Perfection treatment with Adorn Beauty.

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